I'm new to this curriculum, help!
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    Default I'm new to this curriculum, help!

    Hi, I am a homeschool mom from Georgia. I have two boys 9 & 11. I have used Abeka curriculum for the last two years and am trying something different next year. Today was the first day of the 1 month free trial and I want to know if anyone else had the same kind of experience as I did today, and if you did are you still using T4L...I guess my kids are used to having me go over everything with them, but they just couldn't seem to comprehend enough reading to do well on the quizzes. I had to go through the process of the lesson sitting next to them to make sure they were reading in a way that gave them an understanding of the lesson. They both skipped right past the "Notebook" part of the lesson until I realized what they did and corrected them. We were all a little frustrated with the amount of time we ended up spending just on language and math after having done the subjects twice for each kid
    I know that I need to review the scope and sequence and the lesson plans, but I just wanted to throw it out to the boys to see if they enjoyed it. I'm just frustrated because I will have to network two computers in my house to do this and I just don't know if I want to go to the expense if it doesn't get better.


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    I was frustrated at first as well, but after a few days, they felt confident to do it on their own. i believe its just new to them and I had to sit it out with them. They too had to do it several times to get an acceptable grade. We've been using it for about a month now. My boys are 7, but after a while they are able to do it on their own. I am closeby to help them out when they need me to repeat the directions or reword them.

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    Hi. Welcome!

    Getting accustomed to a new curriculum can be difficult. You might be interested in this excellent post, written by a forum member.


    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    My son is 11 and we've been using T4L since mid-January. He was in public school previously. We had to "De-school". I did sit with him quite a bit. Still do occasionally, but he's chit chatty and likes to discuss what he reads. The first couple of weeks, is a learning process for both parent and student. Be patient while you are in this free month time. After a couple of weeks, we figured out a schedule and it works. He's now wanting to do it by himself. I am never more than a holler away, and he's OK with that. Although, Grammar is his weakness, so he's asking for mom support during that. But, he will be taking his test on that on Monday, YEAH!!!!!

    After adjusting to T4L, it's been great! I do sit with him while he takes his tests and quizzes, because he tends to rush through them.

    I have another child that is doing it also. He is still in public school, and we hit his weaknesses on Fridays. When one is on the computer, the other is doing worksheets or workbooks.

    Just find what works for your family.

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    With anything new, there is going to be a learning curve, both for the adult and the student. Be patient with the process. Keep fine tuning until you find what works for you guys. Some folks so a designated amount of time on the program for each subject, others do only one subject each day, and still others assign a specific number of learning activities per day/week.

    We're in the last category. I typically assign 2 math learning activities per day and one social studies section per day (normally two activities and a quiz). Language arts we pick and choose so that depends on what else she is doing that day. For each subject, I usually print off the lesson plans when I am ready to start planning for the next schoolyear and go through and pick out what I want them to do. Then I add up the number of learning activities for that and divide by 180 (typical number of school days in a traditional school year). That gives me a rough idea of how many we shoudl be doing a day if I want to finish by summer. I also rough out what units we'll be doing when (two weeks of ancient Egypt the second two weeks of September.

    So I have daily estimate of what needs to be accomplished and a yearly timeframe. Then if we get behind, it's easy for me to see and I can have double up or we can skip some lessons.

    Works well for me as it provides a framework but also flexibility!

    We found we needed to take more breaks in between. Even if it was to do spelling words on the mini-tramp for 15 minutes or practice piano. Other folks find those kinds of breaks too distracting for their student and sit down and do it all. It is lovely to have such flexibility to find what works for your family. Just be patient until you do. It may take quite a few trials before you get it figured out.

    Blessings and hang in there, Adele

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