I'm New - need help with K and 1st
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    Default I'm New - need help with K and 1st

    Hi there, I am new and just started my son on K math and 1st grade everything else. I put him into K math bc there are some things he doesn't know... telling time via traditional clock, temp and measurements. My concern is this.... Does T4L math spiral like saxon, abeka etc? I like the idea of the repetitiveness to insure he understands and has mastered the concepts.

    Also, if you have a child in k or 1st what do you do for handwriting? Any ideas? My son was using Dnealian in public school and can write but needs work!

    Lastly, are you doing the science and social studies for 1st?

    Oopps, one more.... When doing Lesson 1 for LA Ext or regular LA do you do all the LA numbers in that Lesson 1 Code on the same day???? Therefore, the next day you would move to Lesson Code 2 etc etc.

    I have homeschooled for several years with my oder child but never have used an online curriculum like this. Thanks so much for your help.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Time4Learning's math curriculum is based on mastery, similar to Alpha-Omega Lifepacs and many other "paper" programs. It presents a new concept and allows practice before testing to determine mastery. The following school year (or sometimes later in the same year), the same concept is again presented, at a more advanced level. Therefore, the review is provided on a year-to-year basis, rather than a little bit every day. Some students respond well with a spiral review, such as A Beka. Others find it difficult to concentrate on so many different concepts at one time and find the "skipping around" to be confusing.

    I have been using http://www.pencilpete.com for my younger children for penmanship. It is inexpensive, you can print as many practice sheets as you need right from your computer, and they find it helpful to watch Pencil Pete forming the letter correctly onscreen, while they practice on paper. It is a different penmanship style than D'Nealian, though. You can find some really nice D'Nealian practice pages at http://www.learningpage.com . You must register to use the site, but it is free and quick.

    When I get to my "regular" computer, I will link you to a couple of previous threads regarding science and social studies for very young children. I'm using my handheld away from home right now, and its functionality is limited.

    Parents differ in how they schedule the program. If it is important that your student complete one grade level during a school year, access the lesson plans for that particular subject, divide the number of lesson activities by the number of days in your school year, and assign that number of lesson activities to your student per day. Other parents utilize the timer and just have their student work for a specified period of time on each subject. Used in that way, a student may complete more or less than a grade level during one school year.

    I will be back later this afternoon to add a couple of links for you. Meanwhile, maybe others will come along and share their experiences.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi we have used 'let's write right' a handwriting program from AVKO foundation. Here's a link -


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