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    Default Intro

    Hello everyone

    My son began home-school last year (6th grade)
    I was unwilling to send him to the local junior high which has a variety of discipline problems. I was also less than satisfied with the standard of education offered. We decided homeschool would be the answer until we moved back to Ca this winter.
    So began our adventures ...
    We found that although online classes had some wonderful advantages- there were some disadvantages as well. We tried a few different programs but were never entirely satisfied. One program focused every lesson on a single subject , one was too inconsistent, and another was full of programming problems and incorrect answers. We eventually gave up on finding an online curriclum we were happy with. Occasionally we visited brainpop for a change of pace (we thoroughly enjoy it as supplemental work), but primarily completed the school year doing 'hard copy' work.
    I wish I had known about T4L then
    From what I've seen thus far I am extremely pleased with the content and functionality of it!
    Our school year will not officially begin until next week but my son has already explored several lessons and started taking notes.
    Whether we will actually return to public school remains to be seen, but I certainly plan on maintaining our account with T4L. At the very least, it will make an excellent supplement

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    Default Welcome!

    I am so glad to "meet" you. (warm smile) I am using T4L'ing w/ three of my four boys and absolutely LOVE it! Can I ask you a question?

    I am getting lots of questions about how T4L'ing compares with Alpha Omega or other CD rom programs/virtual schools, etc? Have you used any of these options before? I would love your feedback!
    Mary, Child of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ! Wife to best friend and Mama to her four boys 91, 96, 00, 02, Homeschooling since 1998! Come visit us on our blog!

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    Hello, MysticKigh! Welcome to the board.

    Mary, I've used Alpha-Omega's SOS for a couple of subjects. One of the major advantages of T4L for me was . . . no CDs to get lost or scratched! Also, at around $70 per subject, plus shipping charges, SOS is more expensive than T4L.

    SOS is a Christian curriculum, and T4L is based on public school standards.

    Most of SOS is similar to T4L's upper level science and social studies, in that the student reads selections on the computer and answers questions about them. There aren't very many animated lessons. Also, the reading selections are very long and went into far too much detail for my students.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    I haven't used Alpha-Omega so I can't help you with that one.
    As far as other online curriculum.. it doesn't take long to find that most online programs are:
    a) High priced- sometimes requiring a year long commitment
    b) Colorful, but not as interactive as T4L
    c) Often filled with inaccurate lessons and broken links
    d) Redundant in content (one for instance, focused every lesson, in some way on rice!)

    I completely agree that CD programs simply tend to be more trouble than they are worth.. lost and scratched CDs can throw off an entire day (or more) of schooling!
    If I could change one things about T4L (and it's the only thing I can think of right now) it would be to add a science program for the upper grades. Although the 6th grade segments are a great refresher, the requirements for my sons 7th grade year will mean we have to find something as engaging as T4L to cover Cell Structure, Function, etc.

    It seems that many homeschoolers are looking for a Christian based program. We are not a Christian family and had a hard time finding a secular program we were happy with. The nice thing about T4L is it can be supplemented, regardless of ones religion, to allow a personal touch. It is my opinion that teaching your faith to your children as a person who lives and breathes that faith.. is far more productive that offering them a program that says "This is the way it is- learn it- live it"

    OK well hopefully I'm not too outspoken for you all! LOL
    Have a great day!

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