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    Hi, my name is Kim and I am a former school teacher with 17 years teaching experience. I am a homeschool mother, not by choice, but by necessity. My son is 8 and was diagnoised with Aspergers at age 6. I quit teaching when he was born, but planned on returning when he got old enough to go to school. As kindergarten approached, I could see that developmentally he wasn't ready for school. So, I decided to homeschool. I have tried every method and learning was still difficult for him. The past 2 years I have used the Abeka program, but he just couldn't keep up. The workbooks were a nightmare for him. Writing is a nightmare. He is very visual so, In Jan. of this year (2008) I decided to give time4learning a try. It has worked out great for him. I'm like some of the other homeschool moms, it is hard to let go of traditional methods. But I figure it this way, everyone learns differently and at their own pace and if he is learning, succeeding, and building self-esteem that is all that matters. It would be a sad world if we all were alike. Maybe like robots, that is what teacher's seem to like. Well, I'm glad my son is an individual and I am very impressed with the lessons. I sit with him as he works on a lesson and I make notes of anything he has trouble with or is particullarly good at. I then pull other things to cover the area he has trouble with. Thank you time4learning for making our lives easier.

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    Hi, Kim. Welcome!

    Thanks for posting your intro. We're looking forward to sharing your experiences.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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