Introducing myself...brand new and excited!
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    Default Introducing myself...brand new and excited!


    I just registered my 9.5 yo for T4L today and he will be attending his last day of public school this Thursday! After realizing that school is not a good fit for him and them fighting on offering him even the slightest accomodations, I'm taking things into my own hands.

    J is 9.5 and currently in 4th grade. He's a bright kid and loves to learn but has a few hurdles to overcome in order to be successful in school. He has ADHD as well as an anxiety disorder and we're probably going to receive a dx of sensory processing in the coming months. (all signs are there, waiting for the official eval). Those are some of the reasons that traditional schooling just isn't working.

    So we're 'home' schooling. I'm a full time student myself, and a single parent to boot. He made the request to do online learning and the more I looked, the more I realized that this will be perfect for parts of our 'home' schooling and we'll do field trips, projects and real life learning as well. I'm really excited to get under way! Like I said, he's a bright kid and I love watching him learn (does that make sense?) because he's so passionate about it, and the school was squashing that so no more!

    I've read the getting started info, and am wondering what the best approach is for the mid-year start? The public school 2nd quarter ends Thursday (his last day) so he 'should' be halfway through 4th grade right now. He loves to read so I wouldn't be surprised to see him working at a higher level in LA.

    What are some common ways to cover the 'extras' like art, music, health, foreign languages (not required here but he wants to learn!)? If there's a thread covering this, I'd love a point in the right direction!

    I'm sure I'll annoy everyone at first with my many questions (I'm ADD and a little anal about planning myself) but I hope to become an active part of the forums!

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    First, let me give you are BIG Welcome to T4L!!!
    Congrats on becoming a homeschooling Mom!
    How you start is up to you. You can start at the beginning of the year for T4L and plug your way thru. This would let you see any gaps he may have. Trust me, there will be some.
    You can whiz thru the easy stuff quick and stay a bit longer on harder stuff. I would recommend staying with 4th LA, just because it is a good rudementary base for those basics. Good reader or not, some kids have trouble with homophones, synonyms, etc.
    My son I pulled last Jan. was a gifted kid. High reader and excellent math student but I was SHOCKED when I started him on T4L with all his gaps in 5th grade lessons. It made me sick that he didnt have a lot of the basics. This year, he is in 6th grade and doesnt need my help as much because we worked thru the basics last year on stuff. That is the great part of T4L, it seems to teach a lot like we were taught WAY back in the good ol' days!LOL Each year, it builds on the basics of Math and LA so that kids learn a bit more about it each year instead of trying to shove it down their throats all at once and then never touch on it again.
    As for the extras, check with programs in your area! We are doing Spanish in our house this year, got them the My Spanish Coach for Nintendo DS and they work on it 2x a week. Art is let them be creative, plus I run a daycare so they help out with all our Arts and Crafts and have the chance to make the stuff themselves. Last year we did ONLY T4L, this year I added States, Spanish and Writing.
    What State are you located in? We can get you connected with your State Rep and she can help find you resources in your area, as well as get you up to date on rules and regs of your State!!!
    Again, WELCOME!!

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    Hi, and welcome! I can sense your enthusiasm!

    aandwsmom answered some of your questions, but I'm excited to tell you about something new that Time4Learning will be offering soon . . . an animated, online art elective for students from fourth grade and up! This is a program my own kids did a couple of years ago (before it was affiliated with Time4Learning) and it is EXCELLENT! Stay tuned for more information, hopefully within the next few weeks.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    An art elective!!!! WOW, that is awesome that T4L may be offering this soon. I'm excited...please keep us posted!


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    welcome to jskisses, you're about to start an awesome adventure!! i'm going to give you the same advice i give everyone ... don't over-do it at first. its great that you're excited and i don't want to take any of that away from you.... but if you're doing this on your own and balancing school for yourself as well ... well, its easy to get overwhelmed and then freak out. (i lived there my first year lol) get used to the new schedule, and then let the "other stuff" come naturally - i promise you'll find ways to do it all and NOT be exhausted, and find ways to do it that fits YOUR family best!! glad to have you around, hope to see more of you!!

    and ... new art elective? w00h00!! *happy dance*
    ~ Yca ~
    (otherwise known as Jess )

    Wife to Dave and Mom to Red - 13, The Princess - 11, Fluffyheaded Diva - 6, and Sir Smiley - 3
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