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    Hi! My name is Sonja. My son and I are new to time4learning. We are also new to Homeschooling.

    My son, Hitman (football nickname) is 9 years old. He is dyslexic and has a very slow processing speed. So, despite a very high IQ - he has had difficulty learning. After 3 miserable years in the Public School System, we made the choice to pull him out for at least the next 2 years to see if we can get him caught up. We will not "officially" begin to homeschool until 8/20 - however, he is so excited that he's logged in and done several lessons already.

    Time4learning appears to be an answer to many months of prayer. We had planned for me to be able to quit working and to stay home with him to teach him. However, in order for that to happen our old house needed to sell. The house is not selling - it's been on the market for 2 years now and simply has not budged. My husband works out of a home office - so when we found T4L it was a great find! With T4L - we plan to have him work for a few hours each day on his own and supplement that with review and journaling in the evening.

    Hitman likes the lessons where characters are doing the teaching the most - anything that requires reading on his own is difficult for him. We've ordered him his own computer - so when we get that, we'll download Peedy the Parrot and hopefully that will help.

    I wish that there was a way for me as the parent to go in and remove modules from his backpack that I have done - so that it still shows that he needs to do it. (I like to review what he's going to be working on - and don't like that it shows that he has partially reviewed a lesson).

    For the most part - I think this will work out well for us. I plan to have him work on his lessons and to call me before he turns on the tv or has play time... that way I can log in from work, see what he's done and then give him permission to be "done" with school for the day.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone!


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    Hi, Sonja. Welcome to Time4Learning!

    We are aware that parents need a way to preview lessons without affecting their student's work. Several options for providing that function are being considered.

    If you search this board for "dyslexia", you will see there are several parents who are using Time4Learning with their dyslexic children. Also, you might be interested in this link.

    Nice to have you with us!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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