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    Default Introduction

    Our family is using Time 4 Learning as part of our home education program. We like learning on the computer and think it is fun but also enjoy holding books and doing projects so we will use it like this.

    We homeschool in a rather weird way. Our history and science schedules work like this. In the off times, the kids will work on the opposite subject online.

    July, August, September-History; science online
    October, November, December-Science; history online
    January, February, March-History; science online
    April, May, June - Science; history online

    Language Arts

    All of my children have giftedness and other areas they struggle. It is my belief that every child is gifted in some way or other. We as parents and educators just need to figure it out.

    We started with Time4Learning because we had an unexpected opportunity to travel but didn't want to carry books on our flights due to the weight. It will also provide them with productive activities for them to do and help us still complete our required number of days on time.

    My first reactions were that I didn't think the kids would like it and would beg to do their other programs which they like as soon as we return. It has only been two days and I think they are hooked. I'm excited because it leaves me the time I need to work with a younger student just learning to read without many interruptions (not part of the program until he is finished his phonics work).

    Additionally, I'm excited because now I will have a little more time to get our projects ready each day. YIPEE!

    Which subjects or types of lessons do you find your children get the most out of? I think the get the most out of subjects that they are interested in doing. If they aren't interested there doesn't seem to be the retention.

    While initially I thought this would be a short term commitment. I like the flexibility to participate on a monthly basis, that it allows my children to go at their pace. I still can have them work through lessons that need extra work.

    I'm still not sure how it all works but after looking through the hints section it is better. I will keep going through that until I figure it out. If not I'll ask questions. It looks like fun!


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    Hi, Darla. It looks like you've put together an interesting and effective program for your family. We're glad to have you with us!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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