Just getting started with T4L
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    Default Just getting started with T4L

    I have been supplementing our daughter's public school education since K, she's in sixth grade now and last year we moved to homeschooling. It's been, overall, a smooth transition because we had been enriching since the start. We moved out of the local schools due to financial situations that have negatively impacted an already below-average middle school system in our area. Had a great experience in elementary school though, and her preschool Montessori experience was excellent. We do a mix of curriculum from major publishers: Glencoe, Harcourt, Prentice-Hall with a few websites. This will not be Gina's entire curriculum so I'm going to be trying to determine how to use it with her curriculum. I'm very excited about the potential. Gina's math skills are at-level, although she is particularly good with algebra concepts and simply hates fractions (which I find odd because she's so comfortable with decimal concepts); she is above level in Literature and Language Arts. It's her strength. Science is one of her favorites. We use Microsoft One Note track assignments and I use it for lesson-planning. Any ideas on how to useT4L with One Note?

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    Default Re: Just getting started with T4L

    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for introducing yourself and your daughter.

    The only way I have ever used One Note with Time4Learning is to have one of my children save a Story Creator assignment there if we're out of computer paper and can't print it yet.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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