Just joined T4L! How do I make lesson plans for my kids?
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    Default Just joined T4L! How do I make lesson plans for my kids?

    Hi, I just joined T4L the other day. I will begin homeschooling my 3 boys, grades 6, 3, and K after the Christmas holiday. My eldest son is home from school today with a stomach virus, but REALLY wants to start his homeschool! That makes my heart sing!

    My question: Is there a way that I can create assignments for my kids so that they have direction? Or is it just a free for all and they choose everything. If I can give them assignments, I'd like to.

    Any help would be great!


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    Hello, and welcome!

    Be sure and read the Hints. You will find them very helpful in getting started. The Assignments function is used by schools and is not available to individual users.

    Also read the information for new users at the bottom of your student's login page, as it explains how the flashing yellow arrow works to point your student to the next assignment in each subject.

    Many parents access the Lesson Plans to get an idea of how many learning activities their student should complete each day in order to finish a grade level during the school year. (You would divide the number of learning activities for a subject by the number of days in your school year, or the number of days LEFT in your school year).

    Others prefer to use a student-paced approach, utilizing the timer as explained in the Hints.

    My personal experiences, and discussions with many Time4Learning users, have led me to advise NOT allowing your student to proceed as quickly as possible at first. Many students are very enthusiastic about Time4Learning (especially if they have been accustomed to text book learning). They will complete hours worth of lessons the first few days and quickly burn out. Also, proceeding at too fast a pace doesn't allow for retention. This is my personal observation. Time4Learning does not have a stance on this, except that the curriculum is to be used in the way that best suits your student.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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