Just started today, comments and a question.
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    Question Just started today, comments and a question.

    Today was our first day using Time4Learning. We seemed to do pretty well. My son really liked the LA portion. (And in his free time went back on to complete some more activities). Which I was more than happy to oblige. I am hopeful that this will continue. (We tried SOS in the past, and my son really did not like it.) So we ended up abandoning the program 2/3 of the way through.
    I had considered going back to SOS anyway, at least in a couple subjects, but thought I would try T4L first.

    We began today with their current grade levels and I realize we only have till the end of July to try to finish the current grade level.
    So I am hopeful they can begin the next grade level in August.
    My son is in 4th grade, and my daughter is in 2nd.

    (I don't feel confident enough yet, to let them stray from their current math program.(Math U See) which I love, and they have been highly successful with. Right now they are doing 2 lessons a day on T4L and a page in MUS. (Which they both said they would prefer to just do T4L. (But like I said I am not ready for that yet.)

    A couple questions.

    1. Are the extension activities to be completed first or last or as fillers? From left to right they are listed 1st.

    2. My daughter began 2nd grade reading today. (I set the level to say she was not reading more than simple sentences yet.)
    She reads okay but is not quite as advanced as the first passage they gave.
    The lesson timed her and said she read at 30 words per minute. Then it read it to her a couple times, and then re-timed her.
    The 2nd time she scored 56 words per minute. It said she would get better with practice. But I wonder if maybe the lessons
    aren't too hard for her. Should I just wait and see or move her down a level in reading. (She is doing well in the phonics and other portions that we did in the LA.)

    Michelle, mom to ds 9, dd 8, married to Gary for 14 years.

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    Hi, Michelle!

    You can schedule the extensions any way you choose. My personal recommendation for first and second graders is to complete all the core activities first and then do the extensions . . . UNLESS the child is reading quite well already. The reason I suggest this is because the reading selections in the core program are "easier" and the vocabulary is limited to the phonics and sight words already presented. Also, most kids will finish all the science and social studies lessons early in the year. The language arts extensions, which are all based around science and social studies themes, are a good way to provide additional science/social studies in the latter part of the year. From third grade and up, most families do a little of the core language and a little of the extensions each day.

    The reading speed is an EVENTUAL goal . . . not necessarily the goal for that day. If she can read the passage and is just reading slowly, I would leave her at that level. That's just the kind of practice she needs! If she needs a lot of help actually reading the words, you might consider lowering her level.

    I hope this helps you make your decisions. Welcome to Time4Learning!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    welcome to our humble little corner in the world, michelle!! grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile

    my 4th grader mixes la and lax together. i have him do a couple of lessons each almost every day. but ... you can do them anyway you like. one of the best parts about this program is that you can do anything you want, any WAY you want. YOU are the teacher ... the stuff on the screen is just the material. a paperless (environmentally friendly) textbook.

    the reading speeds are also meant to encourage your child. mine would get excited when they realized that over time they were doing better. here's an idea ... print screen the scores so that each week (or whatever) they can actually SEE their progress. -man, i wish i had thought of that last year!!! ah well, i'll file it away for the next kid ... somebody help me remember i said that? k thx lol-

    that being said, kelly is right. if she truly is struggling and having a hard time with the words, dropping her back a level is not a bad idea. one of the hardest concepts for us to keep in mind is that a grade is just a number (you know, like we're always trying to convince ourselves of as we're trying to iron out our crow's feet in the mirror? lol) some kids learn some subjects slower than others. no worries, they'll end up where you need them to in the end.

    something about the math tho ... it might be fun for them to go back and do some of the lessons as extra practice or a different way of "seeing" (lol - i'm really punny at 1am sorry) the lesson a different way - especially on the stuff they struggle with. just match up the corresponding lessons (fractions to fractions and whatnot)

    again, welcome to the group. and sorry for the silliness. while i am normally one of the wierder ones on here - i'm in rare form tonight! (no wisecracks from you, mary ... or kelly ... or deni lol)
    ~ Yca ~
    (otherwise known as Jess )

    Wife to Dave and Mom to Red - 13, The Princess - 11, Fluffyheaded Diva - 6, and Sir Smiley - 3
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