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    My name is Kerstin and I am a mom of three.My middle child Is Lara and she is 10 yrs young.She always had some kind of problems to learn but nobody could figure out what is going on.Now she got tested and the doctor told me she has a low IQ.I have problems to believe that because her first language is/was german and she only speaks english for the past 5 yrs.The schools in the states really messed up the whole esl thing.So basically she had to learn at on her own with help from me and my husband.We live right now in the uk but will return to the states in a couple yrs.I'm really confused Is there somone out there who can give me some tips on homeschooling or is she better of in a public school?I'm really worried about the social part if she would be homeschooled but I also think she is not able to learn in a "normal" school.
    Every advise is greatly appreciated

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    Hi, Kerstin! Welcome to the forum!

    I'm not an expert, but if she didn't speak English for half her life, I can't imagine that an IQ test given in English would be accurate.

    Is she better off in a public school? Maybe you answered that question yourself when you said, ". . . basically she had to learn on her own with help from me and my husband." It sounds like you've been homeschooling all along!

    Here's an article about the social part that you might find interesting: What IS Socialization? If you search "homeschool socialization", you will find plenty more. You will probably see that EVERYONE worries about that at first.

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    hello, and welcome to the group!! i have to say that i agree completely with kelly.

    in all honesty, your school choices and socialization choices are only limited by your own imagination! it sounds as if she is fully capable of learning on her own. i think that you have probably done an amazing job teaching her already - why stop with just languages?

    please feel free to stay and ask as many questions as you need - just let us know how we can help!
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