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    Default Keeping track of progress

    I have been using the program with my two boys for just a few days. So far, we all really like it! I can really see the boys responding to it and retaining much better then they did before.

    Here's a question: I feel like I have to sit next to them to see how well they are doing on a particular lesson. I see that they can be completed and take the tests on their own, but if they don't do well on the lesson or the quiz, does the curriculum self adjust so that they get more work in that area until they get it? If not, then I still need to be sitting nearby to make sure that things are going well.

    How often do you get progress reports? What do you do if you see that a particular lesson needs more attention, just go back and redo it?

    Also, a week or so ago I signed up and paid for for my 5 yr old. He seems to really respond well to it, but I don't want to pay for both programs if they aren't going to compliment or if they are repetitive. Has anyone else used both programs that can compare?

    Thanks, Beth

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    I try to check dd's report in the little "backpack" every day. That way, I can see which areas need improvement. Not only that, but I can look at the quizzes and tests to see which questions she missed.

    How we handle the "redoing" depends on what subject. The history is a jumping off point for discussion. I will not discuss with her until she has at least 80% on a quiz in that area- in other words, she knows the vocab and basic facts needed to have a meaningful discussion. If she bombs a history quiz, she does the whole lesson again. For something like math, or LA, I just see which areas need to be mastered and work on those.

    Shmoo also checks the progress area herself, and she will usually go back and redo an activity if she doesn't like her grade. It's easy because the lesson numbers are right there.

    In the math lessons, if a problem is missed, the concept is explained again. LA has this feature too. So, there is concept review built into the program in addition to the report feature.

    I have heard people rave about Headsprout. Shmoo was already reading some when she used it, and found the lessons very boring and too repetitious.

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    The curriculum does not "self-adjust", but it does give the parent the necessary tools to make adjustments. Many parents print out the reports every evening. Some prefer to just take a peek at the "Recent Work" tab.

    Here's some information about accessing reports:

    If a child does not master a concept the first time, it is fine to repeat the lesson activity. The repeated activity will appear on the child's report, and will be figured into his grade average.

    Don't forget the printable resources. Many parents who don't usually use the printables DO use them if a child needs extra practice.

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