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    My daughter is 8 and we are working on 2nd grade this fall. She is a late reader and I know she is slowly catching on. I really believe that Time4Learning is going go get her on track..yeah. (yes I know they all learn and read at different times...I am patient and seeing much progress)

    Anyways, when doing the Story Creator section she LOVES designing her scene. Her Story that she physically writes is very phonetically spelled and the grammar(punctuation and capitalization) is also way off.

    My question is this: At this point, how much do I correct?
    I realize she is beginning 2nd grade and I dont want to discourage her with completely changing her story. I have asked a minimum right make sure the sentences start with a capital letter, and there is punctuation at the end. Peoples names must also be capitalized along with 'I'.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    My son is also 8 but he can't type or spell much for that matter. We're still working on reading. So, I usually type out my son's story as he dictates it to me. I do add punctuation where I think they naturally go but I rarely give any input on how he structures his sentences. At this point I'm just trying to encourage creative thought. Once he's a better reader and working on spelling I'll probably do things differently.



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    It depends on the skills you are focusing on. If she is a beginning writer, I would just encourage her to write, without regard for spelling, punctuation, etc. Until those things come naturally, thinking about them interferes with the creative process.

    Then, teach her to go back and edit her work. Capitals and ending punctuation are a great place to start. Later, you might want to teach her a few rules about commas and encourage her to begin using those. There are some third grade language arts extension lessons that deal with commas.

    What are you doing for spelling? Some people don't pay much attention to misspellings until the child is reading fluently. Others prefer to correct the misspelled words immediately. You might consider quietly collecting a half dozen or so misspelled words from the things she writes each week and having her practice them at SpellingCity. Managed this way, the spelling lists should be quite short, because they will be entirely composed of words that she does not yet know how to spell. (With a traditional spelling list from a book, the student usually knows how to spell some of the words on the list.)

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    my daughter really struggles with spelling which is totally annoying to me because i never had an issue with spelling. but what i do with her is say, "katie, you did a GREAT job spelling that out the way it sounds, now lets look at how its spelled and you can compare them." but then we do what kelly suggested and make the words she's really messed up on her spelling list.
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