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    Default LA book question

    HI! Last week, there were several times when my kids were doing their LA work and they came to me and said that they needed a particular book. Is there a list somewhere of the additional books that are needed? Or do I have to preview all of the LA and the Science for each of them for the week to get everything they need? Daily library trips just aren't feasible!

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Default Re: LA book question

    It is rare for lessons to "require" a book, though they use many excerpts from books. I read somewhere on the boards that a list was being compiled, however.

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    Default Re: LA book question

    The necessary book excerpts are included in the core language arts program. The language arts extensions sometimes use a book with a lesson, but it appears to be less than ten books across all grade levels. When we reach one of those, I just have my kids skip it and go on until we get to the library. They don't have to be done in order. Fortunately, I can go online and "order" the book from our library as soon as we know it will be needed and they call me within a couple of days to come pick it up.

    A list of required books is being compiled. It will be brief!

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