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    Default Language Arts question

    What are the activities like The Giver? Books, stories? I don't want to click through them and have it checked as done. I am new to Time 4 Learning. BUT so far we really like it!!

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    It won't be marked complete if you do not run the activity through to the end. The Giver is an online book, with associated activities. I think you will enjoy previewing this for your student!

    Your preview WILL appear under the Recent Work tab, which is what the portfolio defaults to. Data in this tab remains for a maximum of one month. You preview will NOT appear under the actual Reports tab, which is where you should be viewing and printing your student's activity. Only completed work appears there, and the information should remain indefinitely. (Since nothing is perfect, Time4Learning recommends printing a weekly report.) ANY program access will appear under Recent Work.

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