Language Arts state simulation tests!?
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    Default Language Arts state simulation tests!?

    My son is ready to take the simulation test for language arts. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how long each section takes.? He is in 8th grade. Thank you!


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    These activities are about the same length as the rest of the language arts activities. I haven't found it necessary to set aside extra time for them, or to treat them any differently than I do the rest of the language arts program. They don't really simulate a state test, but they simulate the kind of questions that might be asked on a test, which is very helpful in deciding whether a student is prepared. The state simulation activities are in the same silly, enjoyable format as the rest of the program. I have found it helpful to give my kids some experience answering some questions that "look" more like a state test, where they work with a pencil, on paper, filling in little circles for the correct answers. Practice sheets like these are available online. Good luck!

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