I just signed my first-grader up for T4L and am trying to get him placed with language arts. I was going through the LA lessons and the LAX lessons and noticed that many of the LA topics are reinforced in the LAX. Are the LAX supposed to reinforce concepts in the LA lessons?

My son reads extremely well, so I don't want to waste his time by doing lessons in LA that he already knows (he finished a full first-grade phonics program at the end of last year and is already nearly finished his 1st grade reading curriculum). He picks up on things pretty easily so I think doing both LA and LAX may be overkill for him. I like how the LAX cover science and social studies topics. He tends to enjoy LA more if I combine it with a subject of interest to him, so I think he'll really like the LAX. So can I just have him to do the LAX lessons instead of the LA lessons? Is he going to miss much by skipping the LA lessons?