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    Default Lesson Plan activities

    I'm trying to figure out the lesson plans. What, exactly, counts as an activity in a lesson plan? For example, in LA Extensions today we have done two bubbles and a quiz. Does that mean we have done two or three activities? If a lesson contains a Resource sheet does that count as an activity in a lesson plan?



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    Default Re: Lesson Plan activities

    You have probably done two activities. The resource sheets, quizzes, and tests are usually not considered in the activity count on the lesson plans. There are separate counts provided for worksheets, quizzes, and tests.

    The exception is the core language arts program and the newer math lessons (4-6 grade). In those, the quizzes and tests are incorporated into the daily lessons, so you won't see a separate "Quiz" or "Test" icon at the bottom of the page. The quizzes and tests DO count as lesson activities in this format. (You can see that some of the lesson activities are named "Quiz" or "Test".)

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    Default Re: Lesson Plan activities

    Hi I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids married to my hs sweetheart for 9 yrs., we have been together since we were 16 & I am new at home schooling & T4Learning .I need some advice & help please..Thanks..
    I have a daughter who is in 3rd grade & son who is in kindergarten , I am having trouble getting started and a little confused as to what and how to setup or do to get started ..

    I figured out that it is 23 weeks of school left for our kids so now where do I start?
    We live in Powhatan ,Va

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    Default Re: Lesson Plan activities

    Hi Lisa,

    I used to live in Powhatan too. My daughter who went to Powhatan Elementary is now in 7th grade...

    My 3rd grader uses T4L as her full curriculum.

    Here are my suggestions (what I would do in your situation):

    For your daughter: Begin at the 3rd grade math level, and let her "test out" of lessons by just taking quizzes and tests. Have her do the lessons that go with the quizzes or tests that she was unable to pass. The math program is kind of advanced, so don't be discouraged and tell her the same if she has difficulty. A lot of children begin in a level lower than they were previously in just to get used to T4L method.

    LA and La Extensions: I would just start at the beginning of the 3rd level. At the end of the school year, move her up to 4th if you feel she is ready, if not just let her finish the 3rd level.

    Science and Social studies: These include a lot of text based lessons. and are mostly units based on specific topics. My 3rd grader has been working in 3rd and 4th levels since 2nd grade - based on where her interests lead. Honestly, unless you are trying to exactly match her lessons with VA standards of learning, I would just let her begin at the 3rd grade level, and move through at her pace. If she shows an interest in a certain unit topic, yet out of the arrow sequence, let her do it. Science and social studies do not really build upon each other, and can be completed out of sequence.

    For your son:
    Just start at the beginning of the kindergarten level. When 1st grade time comes along, move him up if you feel he is ready. You will find his strengths as well as areas which need more attention.

    For both: Sit with your children during their lessons. They will enjoy them much better and this will help you get a feel for the program which I believe is very necessary to get the best results. It is a wonderful program. It won't take long for you and your children to find your T4L method.

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    Stephanie, my son is in 7th grade and we've decided to homeschool him and remove him from an unhealthy environment that was happening in the Jr High. Can you tell me how to get started? I'm completely lost especially since I'm starting mid year. I'm confused about how programs meet what the county requires and what about SOLs? Any information you could provide would be helpful even if you could point me in a direction. Thanks so much.

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