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    I have 2 quick questions about lesson plans.
    I have printed out the lesson plans for my 3 boys that are using T4L. I was trying to divide the # of lesson plans by the number of school days we have to see how many lessons I should have my boys do of each subject each day. I noticed when it says the number of activities in each subject at the top of the lesson plans that that number is not correct. For instance it says there are 196 5th grade math activities but I counted 255! Is there any way I can get the correct # of activities for 5th, 3rd and Kindergarten without counting them one by one?

    In the Kindergarten math lesson plans it lists lessons that are not available. For instance there are no lessons labeled KM004, KM007, KM0010 and so on. It seems there is one lesson listed in the activities for each lesson code that is not actually available to do. Am I missing something?

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    New, improved lesson plans are being designed which will hopefully be ready in just a few weeks. Time may be better spent on finishing the new lesson plans than in fixing the old ones. The discrepancy occurred when new lessons were added in August and the plans were not updated.

    You will be able to print worksheets directly from the new lesson plans, the location of tests and quizzes will be indicated, science supply lists will be included, and much more. Stay tuned!

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