Lesson plans? HELP!
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    Default Lesson plans? HELP!

    Pk, I keep seeing the ASSIGNMENTS option, but I can't seem to find this anywhere on the parent administration page. When I log in under my sons account and as a parent, and click the assigments tab, there's nothing there. This may be a dumb question from a new and very frazzled home schooling mom, but can someone help me?????

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    Hi Ozzette! When you log in as a parent, there is a section at the top labeled "Status of Children." To the far right, next to your child's name, you should see a link that says "student records." Clicking there will take you to the records area. It should look very similar to what you would see if you logged in under your child's login and clicked on the "my portfolio" area.

    The assignments tab is usually just a view of what they are currently working on. To be honest, since I always log in when they are finished with everything, I don't really recall ever seeing anything listed there.

    When you go to the Assignments tab, are you trying to see what your son has done, his score, etc?

    If so, try clicking on the "reports" tab instead. You can generate reports by subject if you like. You can also print a time frame (I usually just print a weekly report) of all subjects and scores...

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Ozzette,
    I was confused on this when I first started too. The Assignments area is not set up for us homeschoolers to use. (sad face) We are hoping that T4L will change that in the future. We have to make our lesson plans separately from what is provided here on T4L. For instance, I've started making lesson plans for my kids using Excel. I hope this helps.
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    Time4Learning uses curriculum developed by CompassLearning, who only provides it to schools. Time4Learning has acquired a license that allows them to offer it to individuals. Because the Assignments feature was designed to be used by a classroom, it wouldn't work for individuals, so it is disabled for Time4Learning members. Time4Learning provides a flashing arrow to point the way, as well as an interactive worksheet for scheduling purposes within the Getting Started Guide, which you can find by clicking on the Hints and Help tab at the top of this page.

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