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    what is the level things at the top of the lessons? for instance my child is in 1st grade and she has been doing time for learning going on 3 weeks and in her social studies she has done all of lvl 2 it looks like anyway. it says complete and wont let us go any farther. i click level three and it has alot more lessons. is the lvl thing like grade 3? cause the lessons are alot harder and they don't have the sounds read for you anymore.

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    Be sure to read all of the Hints, as well as the Getting Started Guide. Both are available beneath the Help/FAQs tab, above.

    Here is the hint that specifically discusses grade levels. As you can see, students are given easy access to one grade above and one grade below their registered grade level. That way, you can "try out" a level before making a permanent change . . . or, switch back-and-forth between grade levels, to better customize your child's learning experience.

    Tie4Learning provides a complete math and language arts program. Science and social studies are available as a free bonus at most levels. In second grade, science and social studies are supplemental . . . meaning it isn't a full year's curriculum. Third grade social studies is a complete curriculum, but it is text-based. It's still more interactive than many text-based programs, because the student can click on words to hear them defined and pronounced, click on little animations and video files, and receive instant feedback on their answers.

    Still, most second graders aren't yet ready for the third grade social studies. What I've done is to have my kids go through second grade Time4Learning social studies at the BEGINNING of the school year, and then again at the END of the school year. It's amazing how much more the remember when the material is viewed twice, several months apart.

    Then, remember that the language arts extension activities are all based around science and social studies themes. We pick up books from the library to support those themes . . . just story books, about George Washington, pioneers, etc., and we read those. Occasionally, I might print a coloring page about one of the themes, and let them do that.

    That's ALL I've done at the second grade level for science and social studies, and my kids do great on the standardized tests. As you can see from this typical course of study, science and social studies concepts aren't "deep" at that level. It's very important to spend most of their time on math and reading.

    I hope this helps.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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