logging in from an unknown source - :(
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    Default logging in from an unknown source - :(

    I signed up a month ago (I have a 1st & 3rd grader) and we've been using Time4Learning every weekday since then. Today, after logging in and watching the Ed Mouse animation (we love him), I got an error message as I entered the Launch Pad; "You are logging in from an unknown source". This happens on both kids accounts. Why?


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    Default logging in from an unknown source - :(

    I wish web-based applications did not ever configuration issues. But we do.

    The problem is that the configuration for session cookies or privacy settings has changed on your computer. CompassLearning requires the placing of a session cookie on your computer to track the session. Your computer has been reset so it no longer accepts session cookies.

    The short answer of how to fix this (it works 90% of the time) is to look at the icons in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and find Norton Internet Security. You can either turn it off entirely, turn it off for five minutes, only turn off privacy settings, or tell it to allow cookies from our sites. For full details: http://www.time4learning.com/Login/Trou ... nownSource

    There is also a simple explanation of all of the possible tech issues at http://www.Time4Learning.com/hints.htm
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    Default unknown source

    I will need some help at sometime as well. I cannot access the site from my laptop. Fortunately, my daughter can access it from heres... my antivirus program won't let me in no matter what I try... I know because I am having the problem with other programs.... My husband is in IT and can't figure it out either.

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    Default No problems

    I just wanted to mention we've never had any login problems from our 4 computers or from other computers-- but my first mode of troubleshooting would be to always turn off virus software temporarily. Most of the time that is the culprit not just for this site but for any Web site where you are having problems doing something. As long as you do not run any local applications, download files or open any email attachments it shoud be OK.
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