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    Default looking through lesson

    I was wondering if it is possible to go through the lesson before your child does without answering any questions. I realize there are answer keys and what-not, but I want to go through the lesson itself to see if I can get additional books to go along with it from the library. I have not tried to look through the lesson because I do not want to mess up any grades by doing so.

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    Hi and welcome twobitford

    Good question!

    You can go through the lessons before your child does without messing anything up.

    Just don't complete the lesson (Exit the lesson by way of the "home" or "back" buttons on the top of the lesson window to insure it doesn't mark as completed).

    If you do not complete the lesson it will only show up in the recent work section of the portfolio, which is just a section for you to use to keep up with what your child has been doing in the last day, week or month. It will not show up when you go to the "reports" tab and generate a report. This is because the reports section only shows lessons that have been completed.

    Hope this helps. Reading it back makes it seem a little confusing. The hints on the portfolio may help by giving you a visual of what I'm talking about. Click here to see the portfolio hints.
    There are three pages of hints for the portfolio, so click the "next" arrow in the upper right corner to see the next hint.
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    I can't add much to Kris' excellent advice, except to provide a link that might help you avoid completing a lesson (designed by Kris, I think):


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