Looking for ways to build up my sons self confidence
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    Cool Looking for ways to build up my sons self confidence

    This is our first year of home schooling and although my son loves time4learning, his self confidence is very low. He had a very bad 4th grade year last year in public school and after pretty much a year long fight with his teacher, principal, and the district itself I made the decision to home school him. His teach really did a number on his self confidence and now whenever we hit an area that is new in any subject, he pretty much shuts down. I have gotten in the habit of taking baby steps when approaching a new subject, but he still wants me to sit right beside him for everything. If I walk away he will zoom through the material, answer any questions or problems and if they are wrong (which they usually are) he then takes the attitude of "see I'm dumb just like the teach said". I'm hoping in time that it will change, but am looking for any help that will help me with working on his self confidence in completing an assignment on his own.

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    Read "Thomas Edison, Young Inventor" to him. (Never stop reading aloud to your children.) His teacher said he was "dumb", too . . . and look what he did! Edison's mom blamed her son's difficulties on the teacher and took him out of school to teach him at home. The rest is history!

    I usually recommend that parents sit with their kids as they do their lessons periodically, if not on a regular basis. You wouldn't think of handing a book to a student, simply saying, "Read and learn!" Think of Time4Learning as an online textbook, only a lot more fun. A student will always need a tutor although, as they get older, they will be able to do more on their own. Fourth grade is still very young.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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