Lost with home schooling
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    Default Lost with home schooling


    I am using T4L and am not sure what I am doing!! I joined a local group and recieved no support for over a year. I found a local playgroup, but I feel as though I am not getting what I am looking for. I am really feeling that I am going to fail my daughters education.

    She is in second grade. What writing skills should she have? How about spelling? I have so many questions, so I will start here. Thank you in adavance for your help!

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    Hi! Don't worry. If your daughter JUST does Time4Learning lessons, you will not "fail" her. Of course, the more educational experiences you can give her, the better. Time4Learning doesn't formally teach spelling until after third grade. This is because the focus is on learning to read well, and the reading lessons are phonics based. Most children who can read well and have a good grasp of phonics are also good spellers. This is a more natural way of teaching spelling to young beginning readers than weekly lists . . . which the student may or may not master. (Weekly spelling lists begin in fourth grade.) Second graders use a built-in program called Story Creator for writing practice. They are given pictures to move around on a screen, which they can then label. They can also write a few words or a sentence to describe their creation. I was always satisfied if my second graders could write a short sentence. I love World Book Encyclopedia's Typical Course of Study. You might find it helpful.

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