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    my 8 yer old is doing 2nd grade math with Time4Learning. She seems to struggle a little and I have to sit with her constantly for this subject. Since she really hasn't had much formal math should I just put her down to 1st grade math or will she catch anything she missed from 1st grade math in the 2nd grade math? I hope this makes sense. Please give me your opinions. Thanks, Wildmom

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    This is my personal opinion. Time4Learning doesn't have a stance on this except that it's a flexible program, meant to be used in the way that best suits your student.

    I have several of my children working at levels below their actual grade level. They are learning and progressing, which is the real goal. With math, I believe in lots of practice and review. If I felt the second grade level was too difficult, I would probably just put my own child in first grade math and maybe let her proceed a little more quickly than she normally would.

    Mastering the first grade material will make it easier for her to complete the second grade lessons when the time comes. You could have her start with just the tests in first grade. If she scores well, she doesn't have to do the lesson activities. If her score is not very high, then you know she needs to complete those lessons.

    Needing you to sit with her during math, in itself, isn't necessarily an indicator that she is "struggling". My own children generally excel in language and find math more challenging. I almost always sit with them when they're doing their math. All I have to do is interject a clarifying statement once in awhile. It's still a lot easier than teaching the subject "from scratch", which is what I did for so many years. I also appreciate not having to grade the work myself.

    It will be interesting to learn what others have to say about this. It's always a help to me, when making my own decisions, to have a lot of opinions to consider.

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    You know, sometimes as parents we get caught up in the whole grade level thing. I know I have been guilty of this. Maybe it comes from us being in ps ourselves and being held to certain standards. I think I would do exactly what youre thinking of doing and lower the level for a little while and then you'll know when she's ready to move up. Im sure youll do whats best.

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