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    I don't always sit down with my son to do Time4Learning, but occasionally, to keep up with what he does. Well, I am a math person, and I have noticed that the quizzes for math are not well written at all! He is in 5th grade, and he just did "Well Built" and "Nothing but Net". The pictures are not well drawn and there is often more than one correct possible answer. In "Nothing but Net" there are a couple of problems where the original drawing is completely wrong, so there is no correct answer. Is anyone else having problems with this? If I wasn't there to explain it to him, he would be getting really confused. I think when one writes a quiz or test he should be very specific and technical and let another math person double check his work.

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    Time4Learning uses curriculum developed by CompassLearning, who only provides it to schools. It is aligned to state standards and is used in many, many schools. I only mention that so you know the lessons weren't written by an amateur computer programmer with no educational experience.

    That said, we'll take a look at the two lessons you mentioned. I remember at least one other lesson where I thought the image could be clearer, but sometimes it depends on your computer's monitor. After I've viewed the lessons, I'll get back to you (today). THANK YOU for bringing anything that concerns you to our attention!

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    rofl ... anybody else get a visual of a 19yo programmer trying to draw out a pie graph and getting confused??

    i'd also like to point out that no program has ever been perfect. i used to LOVE pointing out typo's or misinformation in my textbooks in school ... and without fail, almost every single book would have one "glitch" of some kind or another. while i haven't had any issue yet with this one, i don't assume that everything in it is perfect - nothing is, right?
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