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    Default missing answer keys

    Hi everyone~
    I know I have asked this question before and I have to say, I am kind of baffled why no one else is complaining about this! Like many of you, I am a working Mom trying to homeschool my children. The 4th grade math is missing answer keys and it is driving me crazy! I spend SO much time trying to match my "teacher" binder to my daughter's "worksheet" binder so I can quickly grade her worksheets at night. It has not been uncommon for her to have worksheets that I don't have an answer key for....then I have to either do all of the math manually or cheat and grab a calculator. It takes more time and I had hoped that T4L would include the answer keys like the other curriculums we have sampled. My husband and I have spent hours, literally, trying to find the missing answer keys (wondering if they are out of order). I know Kelly had looked into this for me before and she was going to check on why answer keys are missing (she couldn't find them either). My dtr needs these worksheets to reinforce the lessons. Do you think T4L will work on getting all of the answer keys in the future? Does this continue into the upper grades (are there missing answer keys in the upper grades, too?). THANK YOU for reading/listening to my complaining. ~Lisa
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    I just emailed because 5th grade math is missing some answer keys.

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    In August, there were new math activities added to all the grades. I wonder if the answer keys were left out for the new material, since it only seems to be math that this affects. (That's the ONE subject that most people REALLY NEED answer keys for.)

    Let me run that by someone and at least find out if the keys exist.

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