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    Default ? for Moderator Kelly - Am I doing this right?

    Hi. I saw on the Help Getting Started Q &A, that your 5th grader completes his daily work of 6 lesson activities in 2 hours. This morning my 5th grader was on T4L for 3 hours and barely completed 2 lessons. I make him take notes and he says he writes slow. I also have him do any work that needs to be done in a notebook. Am I making him work too hard/long?

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    Andrea, that time is just a rough estimate of our average. Most kids will take longer at first, because they are getting used to how the program works. Some lesson activities require more of the student's time, such as writing assignments. My kids save writing assignments and work on them in the evenings over the course of two or three days, so we can get our basic schooling done quickly in the morning. I also build twenty extra days into our school schedule to accomodate the occasional lesson that takes more time. Finally, the Getting Started Guide was written before the levels 4-6 math were updated. Those lessons are great, but the running time is longer than the older lessons.

    Which two specific lesson activities did he work on for three hours? That does seem like quite a long time. I could comment further if I knew the lesson activity numbers or titles.

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