Moving levels and time in the playground
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    Default Moving levels and time in the playground


    My 4 yo DD has been using T4L for about 3 weeks, but hasn't chosen to log in for a while. Since I just signed up mostly to see what it is like, I've just let her choose when to use the program. I asked why she wasn't using it and she said "I only like the playground" I know for a while she was enjoying the preschool levels, but I think they've become boring. She completed all of level 1 and almost half of level 2, as well as a few kindergarten activities in about 2 weeks.

    I want to move her up a level in LA to see if more challenge catches her interest. If I do that, will she lose access to the Preschool levels? When she is interested, she is can be a 'complete a project' oriented kid, so I'd like to level Level 2 available in case she wants to go back and finish it.

    Also, she has been frustrated a few times with the timer on the lessons vs. the playground. I have it set to 15 minutes for lessons and 30 for playground. Sometimes it lets her into playground right away, sometimes it doesn't. A couple of times she got involved in the lessons and went for more than 45 minutes and so when she finally tried to go to the playground, it just said "Goodbye". How are the timers supposed to work? Does the timer playground start as soon as the lesson minimum is reached, regardless of whether the student actually moves to the playground? I'd like her to do the minimum 15 on lessons, but still be able to have a max 30 minutes in playground, even if she choses to do lessons for longer first.



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    Default Re: Moving levels and time in the playground

    You can email [email protected] and request to have higher level lessons added to your student's launchpad. Be sure to specify which levels you want added in which subjects and say that you want to still have the preschool available and not lose any of her records.

    The Playground timer will not start to count down until she actually accesses the Playground. Once she has worked long enough on her lessons, the timer will have counted down to zero and she can complete what she is working on or start another lesson without worry.

    Once she has accessed the Playground, the timer starts to count down her playground time. When the playground time runs out, she is booted from the Playground without being able to finish whatever game she is playing.

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