Need better parental direction
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    Default Need better parental direction

    I just couldn't figure out why my third grader kept failing his unit on reading comprehension. After 3 tries, today, I sit next to him while he does his lesson. Lo and behold, half way through it, it instructs him that he needs a certain book from the library in order to complete the lesson. He either didn't get it or just didn't bother to tell me, but he had been just guessing at the answers.

    Sure would have been nice to know ahead of time that certain elements were needed from outside the T4L environment.

    There is another thread about a child missing assignments. My suggestion would be that there is some sort of button near any lesson that needs more work done offline. It could list items needed, experiment supplies needed, notebooks needed (word wizard book or science notebook come to mind) so that the child/parent can have all that stuff ready to go before starting the lesson. The child would not have to stop in the middle to gather things, or worse, have to skip the lesson all together as we had to do today.

    I have not had any luck using the lesson plans, as there doen't seem to be any for the lessons we are working on.

    If anyone else has managed a work around for this problem, I'd sure like to know about it.

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    I have a 3rd grader as well. I ran into that same problem of LA extensions saying they needed to read a certain book before they went on. I was not happy at first not knowing we had to have that book ahead of time. But, when when my son went ahead anyways without reading the book and got to the quiz and test I noticed the only questions about the book it asked were in fact covered in the lessons. Therefore you do not actually have to have read the book just the lessons on time4learning. With the new lesson plans that will be coming soon you should be able to see everything ahead of time that your child will be studying, including any books they can read with the lessons. Hope that helps.

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    Hi, noodlebug. New lesson plans are currently being tested that address your concerns.

    Meanwhile, you can preview your student's lessons in order to plan in advance. Your preview will not appear on your student's reports, as long as you do not mark the lesson as "Complete". Click here to learn how to avoid completing a lesson.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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