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    Greatings all!

    Never in my life would I have ever thought I would be a homeshooling Mom!
    Frustrations with the public school system has finally brought me here.
    I have a 7th grade boy his name is Aschton. (surprisingly he is looking forward to home school!)
    I was just wondering with only 3 months left in the traditional school year, would it be best to start him at the begining of the lessons or some where in the middle? We plan to continue on through the summer till all lessons are finished. Please advise a newbie! I really appreiate this.

    Warmest regards!

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    The short answer is... do what works best for your child.

    If I were you I'd let him take a nice LLLOOONNNGGG break from school. Honestly, I wouldn't do anything structured for several months. Maybe lots of day trips, library trips, museum trips, documentaries. Let him think about things he'd like to know more about and pick up a bunch of books or whatever. Have him pick up some models to build, or puzzles, or whatever. Kids who have been in regular school sort of need a chance to decompress from that for a while.

    After that I'd set him up wherever you think he might be. Try the beginning... too easy? Skip ahead. Too hard, move back. No need or rush to get through everything in a given time frame.


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    exactly what crystal said i would just do fun stuff until you want to start your school year - whether that's in the fall with everyone else, or some other convenient time for you. we go year-round, our school year actually starts in october. as far as seeing where he is, have him take the chapter tests at the end of each unit. if he passes with no problems, he's seen it before, if he fails miserably, he doesn't know it. if he misses a few, you might want to start there.

    very awesome that he's open to homeschooling, tho ... you guys must have had a tough year. welcome to the forum, let us know if you need anything.
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    I have a daughter who is 7th grade, however, she has always been hs'ed. We took a couple of weeks break, and she just today looked over the lesson plans with me. We are going to go through them and talk about what she understands and where we need to start in each subject. The beauty of hs'ing is you can go slow, review, or move ahead when you need to. There are not 20-30 students to keep up with. Congrats and Good Luck!

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