New.. can I reassign a test?
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    Smile New.. can I reassign a test?

    I am new to homeschooling and new to T4L. We are going to start this summer so I know what I am up against during the next year.. My daughter will be in 7th grade.. but we will be doing 6th grade work for awhile to catch up. I have had her do a few assignments and taken a test but she didn't do so well... is there anyway to reassign the test or so she has to go back and learn it better?



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    You can require her to do the test again but, of course, it's a good idea to have her repeat the associated lessons first or to provide other practice on the concept.

    Most of the tests will be different for each attempt. This follows the common practice of providing an alternate request for subsequent attempts to prevent "teaching (or learning) to the test".

    The new test score will not replace the previous score, but will be included in the average. This is also commonly done in schools when a test is repeated, so that students requiring multiple attempts don't receive the same grade as those who score well the first time.

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