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    Hello! I just started using T4L and homeschooling my 6 year old daughter. Currently we are working on the first grade level, but there seems to a problem with grading. We read through the "How to Exit" article and have followed the directions exactly, however, there are numerous lessons that I know my daughter has completed but they have N/A instead of a grade. I've even gone through some of these lessons and done them myself, but still no grade. Can anyone explain this to me?


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    Hi, and welcome.

    Some activities are designed to teach and allow practice . . . not to assess. Therefore, they are non-graded activities. Your student's record will include information showing that she worked on these activities, but they will not be graded. Think of these activities as taking the place of a teacher, standing up in front of the class, teaching a concept and calling on various students to answer questions allowing practice. A student would not be graded on that.

    Click here for information on the types of activities that might show up on your student's report. The icon key is very helpful.

    We're glad to have you with us!

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