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    Default new have a few questions

    I have a middle schooler using this since he was not doing well in puiblic school. I also have a second grader using this as a tutoring device. Can anyone tell me if I have to grade any of these assignments? I can not figure out how to get into the system threw parents for the grades. I am just a bit confused. Also anyone else frustrated on how long the system is taking to do maintence? My youngest is waiting to get started.

    I am in Billings Montana -- so if there are any local parents I would love to have some support, we moved here from AZ and really do not know many families here as of yet.


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    Hi Jessie,

    The only thing you have to grade yourself are the writing assignments. Everything else is graded for you and recorded in the reports section of your child's portfolio. You can access it from the tab at the top of their portfolio page. The reports can be customized to include just about whatever you want. You can select any date range you'd like and include whatever activities you want in each subject. I run our reports each Friday for the week.

    I have never had a problem with maintenance. I asked my daughter if she is ever required to wait for maintenance. She thinks it's usually done on the weekends and it's rare that she uses the program then. We are in Michigan so can't get together, but if you check out your state forum, you might have luck there.

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