New-Homeschooling 13 year old Granddaughter
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    Default New-Homeschooling 13 year old Granddaughter


    Would just like to say hello. We have just started this program a couple
    of weeks ago, and our girl likes this very much. She has some learning
    disabilites, social skills issues and public school was a nightmare for her.
    We tried an on-line public school here in oregon, but that did not work
    for us, as much as I liked the curriculum.

    She call this her "Fun School",the one just left was the "Bug School,
    as she said it made her feel "squished".

    She attends the local school, 3 days a week, for PE and
    supplemental Math (they are trying to get me to return her
    to the school system, so seem to want to work with us, for the
    moment anyway)

    She is in counseling and we believe that the final outcome
    for her will be the same as her Mother, who suffer's with severe
    Bipolar disorder.

    I am so gratefull to have found this program for her.

    We are in Oregon, on the coast near Tillamook, and would be interested
    if there are any other's near us.


    Grandma who is learning to "Home School" , with your help.

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum!

    I am in Oregon, but on the other side of the mountains. Can't even begin to count the number of times we've been to Tillamook, though.

    I'm glad your granddaughter is enjoying her "fun school".

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Welcome to the forum and to T4L. I, too, am raising and homeschooling a 13 yr old granddaughter with learning disabilities and social skills issues. When I withdrew her from PS in January, she was already 2 years behind and failing this term, too. She had been suspended several times for behavior problems. She was also having behavior problems at home. We tried a Florida on-line public school but it was so regimented and difficult for her that we withdrew her from that, too.

    Since finding T4L, she has blossomed both academically and behaviorally. She is actually a delight to be around (who knew?!!!). We adopted and are raising her because her mother has mental problems and our son (her father) could not raise her on his own. Until we found T4L, we thought she might be exhibiting some of the mental problems her mother has, but now I think she was overwhelmed with dealing with the PS system and how it dealt (or did not deal) with her learning disabilities. Her behavior problems have all but disappeared so I now think these problems were a reaction to the PS system, also.

    Hang in there. For the first time, we see light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm sure you will, too.

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    Just wanted to say hello also. I'm glad she is enjoying T4L. We just started with this program in January and it really is working well for my 13 year old BP son also.
    Secular homeschooler of 1 son (14)

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    Kudos to you for seeking to meet your granddaughter's school needs in such a pro-active way. I am glad to hear that she is enjoying school more now. It is such a travesty when public schools drain all the fun and enjoyment out of learning! A big welcome to the boards, and to the whole T4L community. This is a really positive place to come for encouragement, answers, and inspiration. Hope you will log in often! I am a homeschooling mom to 2 kids with special learning needs - - our oldest has Tourette Syndrome, and our younger son has OCD/Anxiety/Dyslexia. I think you will find this curriculum to be ideal for a child with educational and social difficulties. Good luck with everything!

    Raising homegrown laptop at a time. Check out my Topsy-Techie blog at

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