My daughters and I just signed up for the program and are very anxious to get started. I have taken a little time to explore the sight and feel like I have a pretty good feel for it. My oldest daughter is six and will be starting 1st grade in the fall. My middle daughter is four and will be five in September. She can go to Kindergarten in August because of the cut off date in our school system. However, we have decided to hold her another year because of her maturity level and to put some space between her and her sister. I have decided to informally home school her for the next year. I have never done anything like this before and would love some guidance from someone with experience. My main concern is how to structure my day. I also have a seven month old daughter and a full time business to run. I have all three girls with me during work so as you can see structure is very key to our day. Any pointers would be highly appreciated!!!