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    Hi, I wanted to ask the T4Learning staff a question and thought the answer might benefit others, so I'm asking it on the forum.
    I noticed on the cover page that you have "updated" some of the Math lessons. For those of us who were with you last year, and experienced some lack of success with the teaching of a few of the Math lessons, that is great news!
    However, are the revamped lessons marked or indicated anywhere, so we can see if they are the ones where our particular child needed a different approach? One of the reasons we are homeschooling is to be able to go back and redo lessons that weren't well taught or well learned. And Time4learning could be a wonderful tool if we can keep track of what gets changed in a grade we have already passed through. Especially if the less effective lessons get reworked. Thanks for any info on the new lessons. Pat

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    When you click on "Arithmetic" on your child's launchpad, you are first taken to a blue screen. When you click on an icon on the blue screen, you are taken to a teal or green screen. When you click on the teal/green screen, you are taken to a gold screen. The icons on the gold screen represent individual lesson activities. The new lessons will not be marked "Complete". (Neither will old lessons that your child has not completed.)

    In addition, lesson plans are available both with the new lesons included and as they were before the update. It is possible to print both sets and compare them.

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    I just compared the old and new 4th grade lesson plans and see that the new material activity numbers are different than the old ones. New ones all start with "4B." The other grade levels are probably differentiated that way too.

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