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    Unhappy New member i need help

    Hi i want to sign my 11 and 6 year old up for time 4 learning and they said i need to write a letter to the state. How do i go about doing that? We live in California and we are moving to Las Vegas September 1. I have to sign the kids up in California and then move them to las vegas. I really need help getting started asap. Please help

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    Hi! You might be interested in the free Welcome to Homeschooling guide.

    If you are not moving to Nevada until September 1, I don't think I'd worry about California homeschool laws. Your child isn't attending school right now, in early August, is he/she?

    California requires you to establish yourself as a private school. Nevada only requires notification and that you teach common subjects. They give you thirty days after you move there to get this done:

    File a one-time notice of intent to homeschool.

    File the notice of intent with the superintendent of your local school district. You must file the notice before you start your homeschool program, or not later than 10 days after your child has been formally withdrawn from public school or not later than 30 days after establishing state residency. You do not have to file again, unless your name or address changes after filing, in which case you must file a new notice of intent with the superintendent of your local school district within 30 days.
    The Nevada Department of Education provides a standard form for the notice, or you may write a letter. The notice must include:

    • The full name, age, and gender of your child;
    • Your name and address;
    • A statement from you, signed and dated, stating that you have control or charge of your child and the legal right to direct his or her education, and that you assume full responsibility for your child’s education while he or she is being homeschooled;
    • An educational plan showing that you will be teaching the required subjects (see below)—the plan must be appropriate for your child’s age and level of skill as determined by you;
    • If applicable, the name of the Nevada public school your child most recently attended; and
    • An optional statement from you prohibiting release of the information you have provided in your notice of intent.

    The superintendent should acknowledge your notice with a letter which you must retain in your records as proof of your compliance with the Nevada homeschool law.

    The lesson plans/scope and sequence from Time4Learning should work as your "educational plan". Note that Nevada doesn't specify the content of the subjects you teach. They only say you must teach English (including reading, composition, and writing), math, science, and social studies (including history, geography, economics, and government), so anything that could reasonably be called "writing" or "science" will do.

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