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    Hi! I'm Robin in PA...Nana to Cameron and Justin. We just signed up with T4L this past Thursday and are thrilled with what it brings to the table.

    I was a Special Ed major many (many) years ago. I was sure I was not meant to be a teacher...I wanted law school...and even the lure of summers off could not convince me so I dropped out. I worked in a high tech manufacturing firm for almost 30 years until I retired early this past November. My grandsons had come to live with us and I had worked long enough out of the house. These kids needed me!

    Cameron is going to 9th grade...but has ADHD and LD...and reads at about a 5th grade level (although vocab is about 10th grade) and has great math theory but 4th or 5th grade computation skills. Knows nothing of decimals, fractions, long division, renaming or regrouping. He will get lost in High a fall through the cracks statistical ADHD kid if something radical is not done. So my plan is to have him enrolled in a virtual charter school...where there will be teachers but I will spend an appreciable amount of time teaching him based on their curriculum and lesson plans. Meanwhile, something must be done to prepare him for the rigours of a College Prep course so I am spending the summer tutoring him in Barton (this will continue well into the school year) and using T4L for remediation/enrichment. Right now I'm finding out "I'm not as smart as a 5th grader" so I won't be trying out to be a contestant on THAT show any time soon! T4L and Cameron (finally) taught this math phobe Prime Factorization hehe.

    Cameron is a bit reluctant...his priority is summer right now. But he is warming up. He's seen his brother's enjoyment of T4L and is even listening to the little kids lessons in spite of himself.

    Justin is a bit soft on some reading aspects, but overall has good reading skills. I'd like him to be more fluent. We're working on that. HE really needs writing support....and his math skills are a bit weak. So he's doing 1st grade math just now to review, then 2nd grade...and 3rd grade language arts.

    The little red school house at Nana's is in session 4 hours a day during this summer....and Justin is begging for computer time to learni Math and Language Arts skills (and play Something Fishy). I'm thrilled that I don't have to create dry old lessons for them...and can quickly tailor their learning to their needs. We will use this for a long time for brings so much to the table!


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    Hi, Robin! Welcome! It sounds like you have a great plan in place. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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