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    Default New and need guidance

    Hello! I'm a brand new part-time homeschool parent. Ds is 7, entering 3rd grade, and just started homeschooling 3 days/week.

    We are using T4L to supplement other curricula we follow. I'm having a little difficulty navigating the site. I read through the getting started information, but I have have missed something. Is there a way, from the parent login site, to preview lessons? This would be very useful so that I can choose the correct levels for each area.

    Also, if they don't do well on particular assignments and I want him to redo it for a little more practice, is it always the same assignment or do the problems change (probably a silly question, but some software can be dynamic and change, so I thought maybe this could too).

    Thank you!

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    Hi, Jill. You can't preview lessons from the parent login, but you can preview them from your student's login, as long as you don't mark them as completed. Here is some information about marking lessons as completed, to help you avoid doing so. The previewed lessons will show up in the portfolio under the Recent Work tab, but they will NOT show up under the actual Reports tab.

    Many of the tests and quizzes will be different on subsequent attempts, as they pull a few questions from a large bank of possibilities. Some of the newer math lessons begin with activities that are designed to see what the student already knows, and those lessons can be slightly different, depending on how the child answers.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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