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    Default new: phonics/l.a. question

    I am having a hard time getting a direct answer to this. Do you consider this a complete PHONICS program? Do you think this program alone will get a child reading fluently?

    My youngest, whom is using T4L, i about half way through Abeka first grade phonics. She's reading short and long vowel words, one syllable, and many compound words. She's adopted and a real challenge and I need a break from schooling her. I'm hoping this program will stand in for ME and she'll be able to learn the rest of her phonics with minimal input from me.

    Have any of you used the phonics portion of this without supplementing? I do plan on having her finish Abeka 1st and 2nd grade, but I am hoping T4L will be all I will need to teach the actual phonics.

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    Hi, Denise. A Beka is INTENSE! It's a really difficult program for most parents to schedule, especially if you try and do everything they suggest. It was originally intended for classrooms, with lots of TIME to kill.

    My current eight-year-old learned to read entirely with Time4Learning. She has been reading chapter books (like the Little House on the Prairie series) for over a year now, for pleasure. I say "entirely", because T4L was the only actual curriculum we used. I did make a game of reading street signs when we were out and about and I bought easy books at garage sales for her to practice with. Any phonics program will be more successful if the student has additional practice outside of the "program".

    Time4Learning phonics is very thorough, with much practice and review on each phoneme. I am so impressed with Time4Learning's lower level language arts, and I am always very forthright about any shortcomings in the program (since nothing is perfect). I wouldn't ADD Time4Learning to A Beka. I would have her do T4L INSTEAD. If you have any of the little A Beka readers, you can use those for fun, additional, outside-the-program practice.

    If you worry that the T4L phonics lessons are too short, realize that the same phonemes will be reviewed at least twice more during the course of your student's lessons. You can also repeat any lesson activities that you choose to repeat.

    I started with A Beka with my now-graduated children. A language workbook AND a spelling workbook AND a phonics workbook, as well as the flashcards, charts, and all the readers . . . that was too much for us.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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