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    Question New with question

    I am brand new to Time 4 Learning. I am taking a shot in the dark that this site will be a good source for my newly adopted daughters from Ethiopia. They are 13 & 14 and have limited English but can understand fairly well. I have had some difficulty convincing them that they are going to have to start at a very elementary level. How does somebody out there feel about this site being a good start for them with lower level reading etc. I am really desperate for some feedback. Please be specific if you will.

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    Just now seeing this thread!

    Congrats on your adoption.

    Perhaps come from the angle of learning the language and culture versus having to start at an elementary level. Don't get hung up on the tests. Just let them get exposed to the language and the concepts. Let them plow through it and catch up to where they really are. They know so much more than you may realize. I am sure their life experiences are staggering and many children stateside cannot imagine their life so far. Respect them!

    Hugs and prayers for you and your family!
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