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    Default New and a question

    Hi, we are what you would call accidental homeschoolers. Due to some issues that could not be resolved at the public school and unable to afford private we started homeschooloing two months ago. I was so happy to find this program. 9yoDD loves it. Have 15yoDS, 9thgrader in ps, as well as a just turned 3yoDD and a 15monthDS.
    My question is this, what do those of you with little ones do so that the older ones are not distracted by them. They just want to be with their sister, if they just watched it would be ok. They are busy. I hate to close the door to the room she is in. She works well onher own, but I do not want her to feel isolated.
    The other question that I have is how do you handle the critics? Extended family, friends etc that think she isn't learning because she doesn't have a traditional textbook or that I do not have enough time to teach her. My two little ones have serious health issues. I am at appts, frequently and out of state every few months for health care.
    Thanks in advance for your help with this.

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    Hi. Others here might have ideas about the negative people, but for me all I know to do is try to ignore it. I dont' say anything to the people who think homeschool is wrong.
    They dont' know the whole story of our situation which is the public school fought furiously with me because they didnt' want to help my dd with learnign problems.
    She is doing so much better at home and that's all that matters.
    It's the older people that I"m having problems with. THey just don't understand that school is NOT like it use to be, especially with NCLB where they are churning out the kids to be mindless robots.
    It does hurt me, the thing that hurts me the most in life is people that have anything 'against' me.
    But as time goes by things have calmed down and people don't say anything to me, though I'm sure they still feel the same.

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    My older kids are allowed to tell their younger siblings to "scram", if they're distracting them from their school work. (Politely, of course.) My older kids sometimes amaze me with how much noise they are able to tune out, but sometimes they need to be left alone to concentrate.

    We've been homeschooling a number of years, so we don't get a lot of criticism. It doesn't hurt to listen to all the advice, then make your own decision and don't worry about what other people think. When it comes to parenting, no matter WHAT you decide, there will be those who approve and those who don't.

    I agree with the advice to ignore people who are determined to prove they are "right". My standard reply, when I'm feeling challenged, is, "I appreciate your concern, but my husband and I are comfortable with the decision we've made" and then change the subject.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    "handling the critics" wow that is a loaded questions.. some people won't ever understand it. I don't have years of experience to help just a few weeks but I can share with you my most recent expierence with a family member who I believe has their doubts but has not formally stated it YET.

    I was sitting over coffee with a few family members and I was explaining the work my ds did recently and his great accoplishment on a chapter test he completed. I had the test on hand printed to show a interested family memeber who.. just by chance started quizzing the doubting family member who then appeared a bit surprised by the questions and current grade level topic.. I of course did not gloat.. or snicker at this .. just sat there comfortably watching some doubt fade from our family members faces.

    I have only one regret so far... that I did not do this a LONG TIME AGO!!

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