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    Default New and questions!

    Okay, let's start this right. I'm a mother of 3 boys. Ages are 8 (almost 9), 5, and 2 (almost 3). I signed up my 8 and 5 yr olds to start this program. So far, my 8 year old LOVES it! He worked on it for 2.5 hours straight today. LOL Unfortunately my 5 year old is sick and sleeps a lot when he is. So he hasn't tried it, though he was very excited to start last night.

    My questions are varied. What is considered a lesson? Never could figure that out.

    Also, technically my 2 year old is more advanced than my 5 year old when it comes to school. I think. My 5er is one of those who likes to "hide" what he really knows. However, my 2er is more than happy to share everything he has learned. He knows his alphabet and has a good start on phonics. He can also recognize numbers up to 10. I don't think he can count though. That I haven't asked him to. He does not know his shapes or colors, but he has deemed that unimportant for now. He is picking them up now as he draws because now it's starting to get important. He's one of those who likes to learn at his own pace and on his own schedule. That has included sitting up, walking, and talking to date.

    So, while I signed up my 5 year old to start T4L, when he's awake and well again, I was curious if I should see if my 2 year old would be interested. I'm not 100% sure on his mouse skills, but that's easy enough to teach a child. I'm assuming that the Pre-K mainly reads to the child and reading skills aren't important.

    So... Would you start a child who's only 2? I'm just blown away by what he knows already, that's why I'm asking. He also just hung around his older brother the entire time HE was working and taking all of that in as well.


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    Hi, Erin. Glad to have you with us!

    Isn't it amazing what the younger ones can learn just by watching their older siblings?

    Have you seen the Demos? The Shape Match and Match a Moo activities are from the preschool program. You might want to see how your 2-year-old does on those to help make your decision.

    Most people define "Lesson" as "the amount of work to be done in a day". If that's your definition, then there is no right answer. Some families look at the Lesson Plans. They divide the total number of lesson activities (LAs) in a subject by the number of days in their school year. This tells you approximately how many lesson activities your student must complete daily in order to finish a grade level during the school year.

    Other parents assign a certain amount of time that their student must work daily. Time4Learning's lower levels provide a built-in timer for this purpose.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Thanks for the reply, Kelly! I really appreciated the insight on the term "lessons" when used with T4L. We're actually coming out of Sonlight which had that all laid out for me. I did end up going into the lesson plans and seeing how many activities there were and dividing it all out. Of course, I told my children, here's how many I'd like for you to do a day. Feel free to do more. So far today, they've both done more.

    Also, thanks for the terrific idea on having Corbin (he's my wee one) try out some of the demos to see how he does. He refused to leave William's side (my 5er) while he was doing his lessons. That little guy just soaks up SO much while we're not looking. LOL Though he "forced" his father to teach him the alphabet. He would absolutely pitch a FIT until he'd get out the alphabet cards and go over them with him. It was very funny.

    So far, I'm very happy with T4L. I actually found it sooner and now I wish I'd tried it sooner!

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