New questions when retaking quiz? I'm thinking maybe not...?
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    Smile New questions when retaking quiz? I'm thinking maybe not...?

    My 2nd grader ds retook a quiz because he scored 64%. I was not in the room but my 6th grade dd was and she said that it asked him the same exact questions on the 2nd quiz and she thought he was memorizing the answers.

    I searched the boards and others seem to think that it does ask different questions. I asked him and he said that yes it was the very same questions as the 1st quiz. How can I be for certain if they are or are not?


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    I hope someone comments on the specifics of the quiz retaking because the questions seem similar to me, but I haven't studied it extensively enough to be sure that they don't change the second time. However, for lessons, I noticed that when my son did some for a 3rd or 4th time (when he had trouble), that it seemed to expand and have more examples than the first or second time he took the lesson.

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    the best thing to do is print the test results and compare, from there you will see if the first try is different from second.
    it is actually random, some questions will be new, some will be the same as the first try.

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