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    A few months ago I started homeschooling my son who should be in the 4th grade this year. We tried a traditional curriculum with no progress, so we decided to try Time4 Learning. Until now it has been great but I have some doubts; I would like to use the elementary section along side the 4th grade level. There are some concepts that he wasnt able to master of 3rd grade, plus I beleive the timed sessions would work better for him. Can he access that section even if he is enrolled in the upper elementary? Also could it be possible that the timed feature be available also for the 4 to 8 grades?

    Thanks for the help, Sara

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    The playground can be accessed by students at all levels. The timer is available only through third grade. Some parents set an alarm of some type for their older students who need it.

    You might consider requesting that your child's grade level be adjusted to third grade. Have him do the tests and quizzes first, and require him to do the lesson activities only if the test or quiz indicates he has not mastered the material. In this way, he can move quickly through the third grade material, studying only those concepts that he has not yet mastered. Then, have his level adjusted back to the fourth grade.

    To request a level adjustment, you may log in as a parent of click on the link on the home page.

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