New (sort of) with Language planning question
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    Default New (sort of) with Language planning question

    Hello all!

    We've actually been using T4L for about a year now, as supplement/extra but now want to use it as our main curriculum. What I'm wondering is for Language (5th grade here) I had been thinking...5 stories, 5 months, one story per month plus other LA stuff ( we need to do 3 activities per day) Then I realize, it's not a full book. Okay, I'm good with that, we do lots of reading otherwise anyway. Then I change my mind again and decide maybe we should read the whole book anyway. So today I'm coming up with a schedule..planning stuff out, and I go in and actually look at the lessons and activities and it looks to me like all the other stuff leads into being able to do what it asks in the book unit parts. In all the other subjects, we just work them in order, should we be doing this for Language as well? If we did, I could see how it would be fine to end with 5 books BUT it'd end up being about a book a week (if keeping to the 3 activities per day schedule) and that seems a like a little much to me. Is it too much to expect to finish it by the end of May?

    Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm working with my 5th grade son and my friends 7th grade daughter. Previously they just did "x" amount of lessons per day...obviously, my son didn't touch languange. He is however, nearly done with the math!

    Thanks to all
    Melissa in Idaho

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    I had a similar question related to my son's 7th grade Language Arts. He's finishing the last chapter prior to the State Simulated Assessments. I'm trying to decide if we should do the Language Art Extensions prior to the Assessments and then do the books, or maybe let him take the State Assessment and depending on how he does, decide which Extensions he should complete prior to the book lessons. Any suggestions?

    Good luck Melissa. We just started in November, and I'm also trying to figure out how to complete everything by May or even June. At this point he will need to do a total of 5 lessons per day (all subjects) plus any associated quizzes or tests. We also backed him up to 6th grade Math. I'm not sure how in the world we can "catch" up through 7th and then 8th grade Math, not to mention Algebra.

    As soon as we finish 6th grade Science, we will probably try to subscribe to CyberEd to finish out middle school science. But that's it though 8th grade. I'm still holding out hope that T4L will add the high school levels by the time we get to that point.

    Cindy from Texas

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    Hi, Melissa. Welcome!

    The language arts curriculum is intended to be worked in the sequence provided. Like any other subject, you MAY choose to do the lessons in a sequence that better "fits" your student.

    It is not unusual for a curriculum to focus on one aspect of language arts at a time. The first couple of months may be spent on grammar, the next month or so on creative writing, and so forth. This is similar to how the first half of each language arts level is designed in Time4Learning.

    Then, the book units in Time4Learning actually integrate a variety of language arts skills into each lesson. Many people have wondered what "ILA" stands for on the Lesson Plans next to the book units. That's for "Integrated Language Arts".

    I hope this helps you make your scheduling decisions. It's nice to see you on this board after a year of T4L use!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Thanks Kelly!

    That helps me a lot. I'd rather do it 'in order'. I also re-did the math and without the extentions, we only need to do 2 LA lessons a day. So I think I've officially decided to go ahead with the 3 a day for now, he's really good at vocab., comprehension, grammar, but slows down with actually writing, so when we get to writing stuff, we can do 2 a day. And if we don't finish by the end of May, oh well...this is the beauty of homeschooling, eh?! (I do have an older son in a charter school, so it is nice when they can be 'on vacation' together)

    Anyway, thanks again, and also for all the knowledgable posts you write (been reading for a long time, smirk).

    Anyone else in Idaho?


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