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    Hello Everyone,
    I recently started homeschooling my older son, Michael. Homeschooling is something new to my husband and children but not to me and my side of the family. However, I didn't know at first what curriculum/approach I wanted to take with my son, plus I have 2 younger children and one will be starting his school time next Sept. Michael had been in public school up until Jan 23rd---he has gotten sick and needed to stay out of school until the doctor said he could return--which still to date hasn't happened. So with Michael already being in special education and a month out of school, I finally got my husband on the same sheet of music I really liked the fact that he could do it online and it was something that would he would want to do all on his own--he has really enjoyed the programming so far, plus I also have enrolled in a private learning school for the book feel of things so he still has the good old fashion book work too.
    Anyways Michael is eight and a second grader, William is 5 yrs old,and then we have Emma who is 3yrs. Michael has ADHD with depression bouts, and William has the implusive/hyper ADHD with severe sensitivity. I already noticed that my children are happier by being able to learn at their own pace, and by being with each other. Anyways, I already added the website of T4L on my signature to out going emails cause I think everyone should know about this website whether doing homeschool or extra help for your child's public school. I just wish we would have found it sooner Thanks, Sara Aichner

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    Welcome, Sara! I'm glad Time4Learning is working well for your family. Thanks for sharing your story with us. As time goes on, we'd love to hear from you on the Special Needs forum, too.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Welcome saichner!

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