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    Do you allow your children to re-take the quizzes in order to improve their grades? If not, why not?

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    We just started, but yes we do.

    For me, going over the material and making sure he understands it and is learning it is a lot more important than the final numbers. Also, it gives him a sense of accomplishment and completion when he retakes the quiz and does better the second time. It also gives me a chance to reinforce with him that we have to pay attention and practice in order to learn.

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    We absolutely retake quizzes. Just know that the old quiz score and the new quiz score will be averaged, with both showing up on the reports. My daughter must pass with an 80% all quizzes and chapter tests. If she does not then the lessons are repeated and we make sure she understands. Sometimes she can go back and tell me her reasoning for an answer that she gave not being the answer they asked for (so it is marked wrong). If she can justify it I make a note in my record book that I adjusted the score. Otherwise, she has to repeat.
    This is probably more than you asked for, but sometimes we even skip the lessons and take the quiz or chapter test. If she passes with a 90% she does not have to do the lessons.
    Hope that helped!
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    i give my son one opportunity to re-take any test or quiz if it is below an 80. if he fails it again, he must do the entire assignment over again because he obviously didn't get the material. that being said, i do not let him re-do non-T4L assignments that he fails. if he messes one up, he's going to have to listen to the advice i give him and try better next time.

    my reasoning? we have had to really strike a balance between what would be considered "normal" and "acceptable" and what we can get away with at home. theoretically, at home we could let him do assignments over and over and over and over and over until he got perfect grades. what will that show on his report cards? perfection. but is that what we really got from him? nope. and in the "real world", how often do you get numerous chances to get something right? i am a strong believer in that you can learn just as much from failing as you can succeeding.

    hth! let me know if you have any other questions or need that explained further.
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    I usually have them re-do the unit if the grade is below 85%. If they mess up the next time they have to live with the grade but I go over the missed material so I know they finally understand it.

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